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trampledhibiscus asked:

I love your blog! Hahaha so honest. And just curious, how did you figure out what to study in Uni? :/ Stay blessed x

Thanks :)
I was interested in Media Studies in high school and had a passion to follow the media side, but then as time passed, I started to wonder about what I was doing hahaha but i guess now that i’ve finished it, there are various possibilities it’s just a matter of going out there to look for it and to go for it. Current status: Lazy as fudge to move on to the next step but i’ll get there lol

A friend of mine graduated with her Law degree today, she was probably the only Samoan doing her graduation at the Uni Marae. All these Maori’s had a haka done for them, she on the other hand had her family shower her with MANY ula lole’s, ula sukalaki, and then they sang a song, people were dancing and then after that she also had a haka done for her. Let’s just say her one trumped everyone else’ :)


Anonymous asked:

Brown boys probly like white girls coz they know for sure they arent related somewhere down the line lol

Pretty much on the money on that one. And amongst other reasons lol.

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