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Wow. It’s true what they say - You never really know what you have until it’s gone.

Parted ways with a special someone and luckily for us, it was on mutual terms. Who says you can’t be friends with your ex? Maybe I’m just lucky in that area. But can’t say it doesn’t hurt a little. The memories will always be there but I’m just thankful they’re all good ones. It wasn’t long enough to have bad ones haha! Just less than 3 months - new record lol. 1 man wolf pack fo life! 

All jokes aside, just gonna eat some more cement and harden up lol. 
God, I know you got my back. Can you tell me what your plans are for me already please! Going nuts here lol.

You know shit just got real in a Samoan family when the following happens…

  1. 'Fa'akalikali gei oe pe'a ka o'o aku le fale uailoa'

  2. '<Insert the Dad's name here>, va'ai le kama/keige lea e kaukalaikiki mai i'i'

  3. 'E fasi oe?'

  4. 'Soia eke fia fa'ali'i! Uma loa! (Whack), Uma loa! (Another whack)'

  5. 'Fea le fusipa'u? Alu e aumai le fusipa'u e fasi ai oe!'

All jokes aside, the Palagi in NZ may have banned smacking in NZ, but let’s face it - us islanders (most of us) know the boundaries of our hidings..smacks…taps. We know the difference between discipline and abusing. A lot of us turned out better than what our parents may have thought…lessons were learnt. I can safely say that if I wasn’t disciplined the hard ways of the dragon, I probably would have turned out to be a little shit. No excuses. True story. 

Like my saying goes: “It’s not the smack or the hiding. It’s HOW we’re smacking and the way we give out hidings”.

HOWDY THERE TUMBLR!Leva fo&#8217;i aso e le&#8217;i post aku gi kala ma aka magaia :)Looks like I won&#8217;t be travelling anywhere any time soon&#8230;gotta save save save and o&#8217;ogo i kokogu le fia alu so&#8217;o i Samoa ma Ausekalia. But in the mean time, I can just reminisce over a photo of one of the rock pools in my village back home. Manuia lava le aso! xoxo Gossip Teine.
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Leva fo’i aso e le’i post aku gi kala ma aka magaia :)

Looks like I won’t be travelling anywhere any time soon…gotta save save save and o’ogo i kokogu le fia alu so’o i Samoa ma Ausekalia. 

But in the mean time, I can just reminisce over a photo of one of the rock pools in my village back home. 

Manuia lava le aso! 
xoxo Gossip Teine.

Samoan drivers in Samoa…

What’s the process to becoming a legal driver on the roads?
Is there driving ed or something?
Because too many drivers think that driving under the influence of alcohol as well as overtaking when the path isn’t fully clear is A okay. Well it’s not. 
School up, or stay off the roads please. One itchbay claimed the life of one of my cousins while he was in Samoa last week because of this, as well as a waste of his (driver) own life now…

Se Samoa e, maka ala i luga o auala! 

Ice Challenge

Yay - people are raising awareness and supporting for Cancer.

Would be nice if you also accompany your videos and nominations with donations :) 

Because I’m anti-cold & Cancer is something that I’d like to kikiga if I could as it has taken someone very dear to me - I’d just do the donating. Anything helps folks :) Sacrifice that $5 for your morning coffee and send it over to the Cancer foundation!

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