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Island Mums say the darnest things hehehe

One line in particular which had my ears ringing from my conversation with my Mum in Samoa was: “Su’e fa’alelei se ko’alua e kele gi kupe” (Find a proper husband with heaps of money). 

Now to us, that would be funny because she said it in a joking manner and it’s just something they say sometimes, but to an outsider, they’d probably think my Mother was wanting me to be a gold digger bahaha. 


Love my Mum! 


Do you speaker the English?

When a brown person from the Pacific Islands fob out, people laugh. When other overseas people like the French, the Mexican or other foreigners fob out - it’s classified as ‘sexy’ or ‘cool’ lol. Never mock a fob on their broken English because at least they’re trying and it’s likely that they’re fluent in another language  -From someone who has improved broken English. Fangiuuu.

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