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A Casino in Samoa went from a proposition, to reality.

Roughly a year or two ago, the idea of introducing Samoa to a Casino was floating around and many people were against it. Still are against it. However, there is always two sides to every idea…two or more. 

On the left, we have the anti-casino people who have clearly voiced their concerns for Samoa and our people if a Casino became a reality.

Then on the right we have those who are trying to see past these concerns and see the positives to the idea. Which mainly revolves around the availability of more jobs for the people. 

BUT - BIG FAT BUT: Although a Casino on island would generate more jobs, but apparently it’s law that locals who do not hold a foreign passport would be banned from entering the Casino to gamble. I know it’s for their own good but that in my eyeballs is straight discrimination. So we’re good enough to work in it, but we can’t enjoy it (It’s a grey area). Let’s not get started on the potential increase of other things which may be a problem with these Casinos…(Domestic violence etc etc).

The other thing is, on social media - there is a big fuss over Casinos in Samoa. Many of the comments are from those who DO NOT reside in Samoa. So I wonder, what do the locals living in Samoa think about the issue…

Samoa already gambles enough with Bingo …but this is a whole new ball game. Can the Prime Minister and whoever else is in power put their focus on improving our health system and other systems before they put all their energy in keeping Samoa up in the ’21st century’ with these bullgarkz establishments that aren’t on top of the priority list please.

Island Mums say the darnest things hehehe

One line in particular which had my ears ringing from my conversation with my Mum in Samoa was: “Su’e fa’alelei se ko’alua e kele gi kupe” (Find a proper husband with heaps of money). 

Now to us, that would be funny because she said it in a joking manner and it’s just something they say sometimes, but to an outsider, they’d probably think my Mother was wanting me to be a gold digger bahaha. 


Love my Mum! 


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